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How To Explain Christmas To Chickens

What would you do if you had to give up your own Christmas wish to give someone else their Christmas wish?

And it also means giving up all you treasure most in life?

And that person has nothing to give you in return?

And you are only a little white chicken named Pearl?

Current Project

My current project is a second edition of “Seasons Of Friendship.” This edition will feature updated and more detailed illustrations in the style of “How To Explain Christmas To Chickens.” Expected publishing date is April 2021.

Future Projects

We will be working on a book of games that have all been chicken tested and chicken approved!
If all goes well, the book will contain everything needed to play. Readers will only need simple construction materials like scissors and glue.

About The Author

So why write stories about and draw pictures of chickens anyway?

How To Explain Christmas To Chickens

Pearl was always different from other chickens. Calamities and mishaps seemed to follow her almost from the time she hatched. Every day she would hear, “Why can’t you just be a good normal chicken?” Blanche was her best and only friend who would tell Pearl, “You just have a heaping helping of what makes a chicken a chicken, that’s all.”

As much as Pearl wants to have a wonderful new life where everyone loves and accepts her, none of her plans work. Even when Pearl becomes a comedian and puts on her own amazing Comedy Coop show, nothing changes for her. She is still a not-so-good, not-so-normal chicken.

After losing Blanche, Pearl’s heaping helping of curiosity leads her to explore her neighborhood to find out what Christmas is all about. She finds The Bottle Cap Lady’s house which has more lights and decorations than any other in the neighborhood, but only Pearl can give a gift of light that will reach the sad darkness in The Bottle Cap Lady’s heart.

But Pearl will have to give up her own Christmas wish and all she treasures most to give The Bottle Cap Lady her Christmas wish. Will she dare? Especially knowing The Bottle Cap Lady has nothing to give her in return?

The illustrations above are from the paperback version which is now available through Amazon around the world, Barnes & Noble, and other fine bookstores around the world!

Future Projects

My chickens and I have often created games and other gifts to share with our readers. We are working to compile them into an exciting, full-color 8” x 8” activity book!

About The Author

John Spiers is a writer, artist, and guardian to a small flock of chickens who live in the center of his backyard garden.

While he often produced small writing and drawing projects over the years, he never found his creative purpose until he decided to raise some baby chicks. They became the characters in his stories and the subjects of his drawings.

His work seeks to share the same joy he feels when spending time with his chickens along with bits of timeless “chicken wisdom” about life which he has learned from them.

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